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Pre-Procedure & Post-Procedure Information

Pre-Procedure information

  • Any tweezing or waxing should be done at least 48 hours prior to the procedure; electrolysis should be done at least 5 days prior to the procedure. Do not resume any method of hair removal for at least two weeks after the procedure.
  • Any eyelash perming or tinting should be done at least 48 hours prior to procedure and not resumed until 2 weeks after.
  • Do not wear contact lenses during or immediately following the eyeliner procedure. Remember to bring your glasses. You may resume wearing your contact lenses as soon as your eyes return to their pre-procedure condition.
  • Please refrain from the use of aspirin, aspirin-containing medications, or alcohol prior to the procedure. Refrain from judgment altering drugs for at least 24 hours prior to any procedure. No medication should be discontinued without first consulting your physician.
  • Delicate or sensitive areas may redden or swell slightly, therefore it is advised not to make social plans for the same day.
  • If it is necessary for you to take an antibiotic for dental work, it is also necessary for you to take one prior to any permanent cosmetic procedure.

Post-Procedure information

  • Apply ice to the treated area for 10-minute increments during the first few hours after your procedure.
  • You may experience the following for a few days after the procedure:
    Edema: There may be a moderate or large amount of swelling for eyeliner and lips for the first 24 hours.
    Bruising: Light bruising may occur although it is rare – concealer or foundation may be used to cover these areas.
    Lashes or Brows: “Sticking together” in the morning, or small amounts of pigment “coming off” with skin conditioning oil application.
  • Apply a lubricating product lightly to the pigmented area at least twice a day for 2 days. The use of antibiotic ointments should be avoided due to the higher incidences of allergies to these products.


  • The use of soaps, facial cleansers or makeup removal products for 5 days.
  • Applying makeup to the pigmented area for 7 days.
  • Rubbing the pigmented area vigorously when washing your face for the first month after a procedure.
  • Scratching or picking away any crust on pigmented area until fully healed – early removal of any crust may result in areas with insufficient pigment.
  • Sunbathing or tanning booths that result in direct exposure to the pigmented area.
  • Swimming in chlorinated pools or hot tubs until healed.
  • Exposure to the full pressure of the water in a shower for 1 week.
  • Using Retin A or other chemical peels over the pigmented are in the future.
  • Lips tend to be very dry after the procedure for the first few days and a “chap lip feeling” occurs. Please keep them very moist with the skin conditioning oil until complete healing has occurred. At day 2 to 3 of the healing phases, a “pealing” occurs. Do not peel off the pigment – let it naturally come off.
    The lipliner will take longer to “peel” than the full lip color. The color will appear lighter and almost “disappears” during this phase.
    During the next few weeks the color will intensify and complete retention realized at 1 month.

Helpful Hints for long term care of your procedure:

  • The use of a good sunscreen product is highly recommended for all procedures due to fading factors of the sun, especially for lips due to the potential photosensitivity of red pigment.


  • If the pigmented area becomes infected or painful, or if you develop a fever soon after the pigmentation procedure, please seek medical attention immediately and notify us at your earliest convenience.

Before your procedure, you will be required to complete this disclaimer similar to the above.


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