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Lip Liner / Full Lip Color Medication

If you have ever had a cold sore, or fever blister in the past, harbor the herpes simplex virus within your body.

Every person is different in his or her activity of this virus. Some may have frequent outbreaks, and some may have only had one or two outbreaks a long time ago. Nevertheless, the virus is still harbored within your body. the lip liner / full lip color procedure may cause an outbreak in some individuals who have this virus. Therefore you are advised to acquire the below mentioned medication, prior to your procedure, to alleviate the possibility of an outbreak. This is an optional medication and Lasting Images does not hold any liability regarding its use or nonuse for prevention of cold sores / fever blister.

Please request one of these anti-viral medications from your Physician:
Zovirax (Acyclovir)

You will need to take the prescribed dosage of one medication for five (5) consecutive days. Begin by taking the pills two (2) days before your lip procedure, the same day as your procedure and two (2) days following your lip procedure.

Remember: each of these medications has a different dosage, so please check with your physician regarding adequate dosing and administration.

Please request enough medication to cover you for two (2) lip procedures.

I have been advised to take medication for prophylactics purposes due to my susceptibility to the herpes virus. By taking this medication for a lip liner / full lip color procedure, I am aware that it does not guarantee that I will not have a herpes outbreak, and do not hold Lasting Image responsible if this should occur.

Before your procedure, you will be required to complete this disclaimer similar to the above.


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