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Cosmetic Procedures

Cosmetic Procedures

Our Cosmetic Procedures include:
  • High-Intensity Pulsed Light Therapy (IPL) removes or reduces many unwanted blemishes
  • Intradermal Pigmentation provides long-lasting make-up
  • Dermal Fillers including Restylane, Juvederm Ultra
  • Botox® Cosmetic

IPL - High-Intensity Pulsed Light Therapy

High-Intensity Pulsed Light (IPL) therapy is a new procedure using pulses of light (not lasers) to penetrate the skin and rid you of various complaints.

This phenomenal procedure is capable of diminishing or fully ridding one of age / liver spots, fine wrinkles, facial flushing, redness, broken capillaries, telangiectasia (purple or blue veins on the face), hemangiomas (sacs of red, purple or blue blood vessels resembling a blister, AKA Strawberry hemangiomas), freckles, minor sun damage, port wine stains, spider veins, hypo-pigmentation and even hair reduction. IPL is  a  rapid, non-invasive treatment that is nearly pain-free and entails virtually no patient down time. Four to six treatments are recommended, spaced 6-8 weeks apart.

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Permanent Cosmetics -- Intradermal Pigmentation

Intradermal Pigmentation, also known as Permanent Cosmetics, is a revolutionary method of applying micro insertions of natural pigments into the dermal layer of the skin. This state of the art technique is medically proven and specifically designed to be completely safe. Intradermal pigmentation is used for for a variety of permanent cosmetic enhancements such as permanent eyebrows, eye liner and lip liner/color. The pigmentation used in permanent cosmetic procedures is specially designed for cosmetics. It is not the same pigmentation that is used for tatoos.

Please read our information on Pre-Procedure and Post-Procedure Information.

  • Eyebrows

    The Intradermal Pigmentation procedure for eyebrows can mimic the appearance of hair in the brow line. Anyone who desires more fullness of the brows will love the procedure and the time saved not applying makeup. Those who used to apply pencil can go swimming, play tennis or wipe their forehead without the embarrassment of losing their eyebrows.. Alopecia sufferers are pleasantly surprised at how natural it looks.

  • Lip Liner / Full Lip Color

    The Intradermal Pigmentation procedure for lip color is beautiful. It can appear to change the size and shape of the lips as well as the color. This procedure helps prevent lipstick from bleeding into the surrounding skin. A soft pink, similar to the lip color of a newborn baby, is popular for those wanting a natural look. A more dramatic color can be achieved if desired.

    Notice: The lip liner / full lip color procedure MAY cause a virus outbreak in some individuals. Please read our information on medication to reduce the possibility of an outbreak.

  • Eyeliner

    a subtle, natural look, mimicking thousands of tiny eyelashes with the implantation of pigments in the lash line is popular with both male and female clients. Additional shadowing of color can be added for a soft natural liner or a more bold, definite line can be achieved. Ophthalmologies recommend Intradermal Cosmetic procedures for those who are allergic to conventional makeup and for those wearing contact lenses.


Hyaluronic acid is present in all living organisms. Its availability in skin creates volume, and therefore a more youthful and healthy appearance. Restylane contains hyaluronic acid in the form of a crystal-clear gel. It is injected into the skin to lift the lip, wrinkle or fold. Once in the skin, Restylane works together with the body's own hyaluronic acid and joins forces to create volume. Restylane is proven to deliver long-lasting results. Studies have shown that Restylane effects generally last for up to six months or longer.

Juvederm Ultra and Juvederm Ultra Plus

The latest in dermal fillers from Allergan -- the manufacturer of Botox. Juvederm provides a smooth, long-lasting correction of moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds. Made of hyaluronic acid, this dermal filler is used to restore volume and fullness to the skin, giving a healthy, youthful appearance. Juvaderm's unique formulation provides results that last up to 6 months or longer.

Botox® Cosmetic

Frown lines, 11's, Whatever you call them, those vertical lines between your brows can make you look angry or worried. Botox® Cosmetic is approved by the FDA for the temporary treatment of moderate to severe frown lines between the brows in people ages 18 to 65.


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